Our Story.

We make a British, fermented hot sauce. Inspired by great ingredients and a love of difference.

Peckham Smoker in Dulwich Diverter

Please use our sauce as a seasoning. Take it to work. Dash on anything in need of life ­­– cheese, fish, shellfish, burgers, eggs, steak, pasta or into a well-earned Bloody Mary.

Scotch Bonnets from the West Indies and Africa – a gift of heat and fruitiness to Britain since the 1920s ­­– are now a staple of markets and households across the country.

Fermented hot sauces from Louisiana have tantalised us for decades.

More recently in the UK we discovered smoked chillies from Mexico, where open-air smoke houses gently cure Jalapenos for 3-4 days over Pecan wood, to give us chipotles.

We don’t do a great line in pecan here, but we do have two native species of oak – a wonderful smoking wood. So, we ferment imported scotch bonnets and smoke our own Jalapenos over oak to make a Great British sauce that enlivens dark times.

The only other ingredients are Maldon Sea Salt and Aspall’s Cyder Vinegar. There are no artificial stabilisers or preservatives. A low PH level stops the sauce spoiling.

In our opinion, most hot sauces are too sweet and don’t contain enough chilli.

We do something different – a process that takes more than two months from chilli to bottle. But it is worth the wait.

We ferment and churn and bottle and hope you like the result ­– it’s made with thought, passion and an overwhelming desire to please.

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